Indianola Community Garden

Purpose: Create a living learning lab for the students of Indianola K-8. This will allow students to grow food, create habitat, and learn about the natural world surrounding us.

In the classroom: Many of the teachers at Indianola use the Outdoor Learning Environment to enrich their classrooms. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade have built butterfly habitats, written poetry, built sculptures, composted, studied weather, identified leaves, and much more. Teachers are always looking for parents who can assist them in the garden. If this is something that you are interested in volunteering for please email Amy Hill at

Our Partners: OSU Student Organization Growing Green, Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum (LOUA) OSU Department of Horticulture, Ohio Young Birders Association, Franklin Park, FLOW

GET INVOLVED! In order to create a successful and sustainable program volunteers are needed to help coordinate and work with students.

There are several ways to volunteer:

  1. Donate birdseed for the feeders.

  2. Volunteer in your student’s classroom.

  3. Help maintain the edible garden by weeding and watering. Please contact Amy Hill at

  4. Join LOUA during one of their work days to remove honeysuckle from Glen Echo and Walhalla Ravines.

  5. Submit photographs and document the development of the Outdoor Learning Center.

This is just a start! The sky is the limit to engage students in this environment. However, if this is something you would like to continue at Indianola, you must volunteer!